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We are proud of the solutions we have delivered to all of our clients. The case studies below represent just a sample of how we have worked with our client organisations. If you would like to review any of these case studies in more detail, or speak to us about these or other projects, please contact us today.


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Case Study:  Strategic Account Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Background:  Our multinational pharmaceutical company client was a market leader in a niche therapy area with Drug A. A key competitor was preparing to launch Drug B, 5 years after the launch of Drug A. Both drugs were from the same class, and could only be prescribed in Government approved Hospitals. Furthermore, only accredited Physicians, numbering less than 200, were permitted to prescribe Drugs A and B.

Market Forces: Both Drugs A and B had identical Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) listings, indications (recommended usage areas), pricing, supply chain and customer base.

Product Features:The efficacy of both Drugs A and B were established versus placebo, and appeared comparable. However, Drug B marketed by our client’s competitor, revealed a superior side effect profile, fewer drug interactions, and less dosing per day, making it the more attractive option to prescribe.

Client Requirements: Our client needed to create and deploy a novel strategy to ensure that Drug A not only remained the drug of choice, but that it also continued to achieve double digit revenue and volume growth despite the launch of Drug B.

Our Approach: Working with the Directors of Sales, Marketing, Medical, and the Sales Teams, we implemented a strategy based on targeting ‘key customer networks’, with a ‘Value-beyond-Product’ focus.


Our Results: By focusing on ‘Value-beyond-Product’, our client was able to establish much higher engagement levels with its key customers. This strategy enabled Drug A to maintain its strong growth gradient despite the launch of Drug B. Several years on, the growth of Drug B has plateaued, and Drug A maintains over 3 times the revenue and volume sales of Drug B.

This result described above is an outlier in an Industry where comparable historical scenarios result in ‘a superior’ Drug B overtaking ‘an inferior’ Drug A. We strongly believe that the successful strategy implemented, has strong applicability across multiple sectors.


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Melbourne & Olympic Park (M&OP): Enhancing the customer experience at the 2014 Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam and beyond.


Melbourne & Olympic Parks (M&OP) operates to provide world – class facilities and ancillary services, for the conduct of national and international sport, entertainment and function events, for all Australians and overseas visitors. Outstanding customer experiences rest at the heart of everything M&OP does as the organization strives to deliver world – class services at world – class events such as the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam.

The Challenge:

Traditional knowledge, skills, experience (KSE) recruitment practices have delivered target numbers of customer services employees to fulfill the demands of hosting an event such as the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam. However securing people who are naturally energised by providing outstanding customer service has always been difficult. Thus the opportunity to truly maximise the chance to deliver outstanding customer service has been compromised. In addition traditional KSE recruitment has been costly and human resource intensive, resulting in high cost / person hired as well as diversion from business as usual activities for key HR staff. M&OP needed a solution that would secure truly customer centric services staff with lower financial and HR investment. Strength based recruitment approaches were identified as the methodology that would deliver both of these objectives.

Crystallize’s Approach:

Working with the Head of HR and key recruitment managers, Crystallize identified a group of customer service exemplars – those that are considered by the organization to be high performers. Interviews and in – situ strengths spotting analysis of this group, and surveys facilitated the creation of a strengths profile that resembled the ideal customer service employee. Using this strengths profile touchstone, Crystallize designed and developed key strategic components, namely: a strength based advertisement for the role, an Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam situational strengths review, a strengths based interview and finally a strengths based assessment centre. In addition, those candidates that performed well in the situational strengths review and the strengths based completed the Realise2 Strengths assessment prior to invitation to the assessment centre. Importantly, technology played a role in streamlining the process with innovative cloud based software solutions such as “HR Manager Talent Recruiter” (recruitment) and “Sonru” (video interviewing) utilized through the process.


Overall, compared to previously used traditional KSE approaches for recruitment of the same number of new starters, the Crystallize Strengths based recruitment methodology resulted in:

  1. -63% reduction in the number of applicants: suitable advertisement readers either strongly identified with the exemplar described in the advertisement and applied or they didn’t identify with the person in the advertisement and so de – selected themselves immediately!
  2. -77% reduction on the number of assessment centre candidates: the role fit quality of the candidates going into assessment centres was significantly higher previous KSE methods
  3. .-63% reduction on the number of assessment centres:  a lower number of better qualified candidates were selected via advertisement, situational strengths review, video interview and Realise2 profiling,
  4. +60% increase in the number of assessment centre candidates being offered roles: a lower number of better qualified candidates were selected via advertisement, situational strengths review, video interview and Realise2 profiling,
  5. Better employer branding – lower number of unsuccessful candidates, who have a better idea of their unique strengths profile,
  6. Opportunity to leverage strengths – Those that possessed a great customer service strengths profile, partly exclusive of KSE, had the chance to get employed, and trained in the basic skills and knowledge required to perform the role really well!
  7. Outstanding supervisor feedback on new recruits – world class service made possible with Crystallize Strengths Based Recruitment.

Overall the Crystallize Strengths Based Recruitment Methodology provides a lower number of better – suited candidates with lower levels of $ financial and human resource invested.

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Publicly owned investment bank – Enhancing leadership capability and driving engagement.


An investment bank listed on the ASX currently manages over A$60 billion for investors. The organisation understands the impact that outstanding leadership has upon people, culture and business results, hence their strategic intent is to develop leadership capability in key people managers.

The Opportunity:

The Executive Team have already benefited significantly with greater personal insight, enhanced perspective – taking capacity and improved leadership capability developed by one –on – one coaching. Given the success of the Executive Team program and the strategic intent to invest in leadership capability, it was determined that Senior Managers would benefit from a customized leadership development program.

Crystallize’s Approach:

We developed a bespoke leadership series that included one – on – one leadership coaching over a 12 – month period, interspersed with group coaching featuring customized content that responded to the specific needs of the group. An MLQ360 degree baseline leadership survey was conducted at the start of the series, enabled individuals to discover how they measure up versus in the eyes of those with whom they work. MLQ360 retesting took place at the series conclusion.


Research shows that managers have the most profound impact on direct report / employee levels of engagement.  Overall the Crystallize solution demonstrated stronger changes in engagement scores of Middle Managers relative to others in the organization;

  • Organisational engagement score= 80%
  • Participating middle managers:
    • Engagement score= +8% v’s the organization,
    • Retention = 100%
    • Leadership capability =
      • -20% reduction in transactional leadership styles,
      • +7% improvement in transformational leadership styles.

Overall the Crystallize solution has enhanced leadership capability as measured by subjective feedback from participants and stronger changes in engagement scores in Middle Managers compared to the rest of the organisation.

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Senior executive career transition


A global credit cards, charge cards and travel services company were rightsizing their Australian operations. Two executive roles were being made redundant. The two executives concerned opted for redundancy package that included career transition support.

Client Requirements:

  • High quality, customised career transition support and
  • High profile brand name equity would be enhanced 

Issues with existing career transition services:

Outplacement has become commoditised. Global organisations especially have built rigid processes that require that clients move through a process, making the process more important than unique personalities. “One size fits all” approaches constructed for functional contributors and middle managers, do not meet the needs of executives facing redundancy. So a vast majority of executives simply do not participate. This means that organisations pay heavily for a service that is never rendered to an executive. The executive is left to their own devices to deal with the transition with potential negative impact on both them and the organisation.

Crystallize’s Approach:

We serve two clients – the organisation and the executive whose role is redundant. We place the individual executive at the epicentre of our working relationship. So we are able to meet the specific needs of both clients.  In this case study we engaged with the Head of HR and senior HR business partners, and held in-depth briefing sessions in relation to each exiting executive in an effort to build clarity on their career history, their personalities, pain points and likely responses to redundancy. We provided targeted exit interview guidance to ensure events on the last day developed in the most supportive and effective manner. We were there on the last day to provide immediate support and introduction to our unique person centric transition service. Finally another key differentiator relates to the fact that we are a team of evidenced based coaches and coaching psychologists with significant senior corporate, life and work experience. As a result we provide appropriate expert support for the client.

Using a solution focused, goal directed, future orientated, positive psychology coaching approach we were able to establish higher order values, purpose / mission and vision for career and life at the outset. This served as a touchstone to build roadmaps for change and development of a strategic life and work plan that included resilience development, mental well – being, physical fitness, health, work-life balance and long-term employability.

Upon re – employment, we co – created 90 days plans and continued to support the 2 executives with coaching to achieve high performance in their new roles.


In our current case study, both exiting executives gained meaningful and appropriate level roles within 6 months. They both reported lower levels of stress, increased resilience and a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their work and life in general. As a result of our transition coaching both executives remained positive in their appraisal of the organisation they departed from.

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Building the foundations for a high performing team using the creation of a team charter as fuel.


The Medicines Company (MDCO) is a global pharmaceutical company focused on advancing the treatment of critical care patients through the delivery of innovative, cost-effective medicines. MDCO differentiates itself by breaking the product features and benefit paradigm prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry, instead adopting a network approach to delivering value to key stakeholders and achieving commercial goals.

As start up organization in Australia, employees had not necessarily worked together previously or experienced the same therapeutic area, and were geographically separated.

The Opportunity

To break existing paradigms and effectively deploy the business strategy it was necessary to build the foundations for a high performing team through the creation of a strengths – based team charter.

A team charter is the glue that bonds a team. It is a touch – stone for which the team as it executes the business plan. It is a physical manifestation of “work” completed during a facilitated journey by a group of individuals as they move from individuals to a team.  In this facilitated journey individuals grow in the awareness of self and others, appreciate their own strengths and others, understand the relationship of this to business imperatives and co – create a team purpose, team vision, team values and team strategy.

Crystallize’s Approach:

Realise 2 strength assessments for individuals and the team along with a Team Status Appraisal Questionnaire were completed prior to a facilitated 2 – day group coaching.

During group coaching participants engaged in generative dialogue. This dialogue emerged though investment by group members in a variety of experiences designed to enhance awareness of others strengths, build clarity on how best to leverage individual and team strengths, determine personal and organization purpose, vision, and values and therefore co – create a team charter. This team charter served as a touchstone for a high performing team.


Participants believe the:

  1. Project was highly beneficial,
  2. Team charter will definitely be utilised,
  3. Preliminary project met or exceeded expectations,
  4. The sense of team has been significantly enhanced,
  5. Ongoing team coaching will be necessary to create a high performing team

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