360-degree Leadership
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Who is this for?

• Anyone participating in our executive and leadership coaching.

• Any manager or leader at any level who would like to understand how closely their leadership capability compares with the perception their line manager, peers and direct reports has of them.


There are numerous reasons why a 360 Degree Leadership Survey is worth considering:

1. Safe & Confidential: We handle the logistics of survey administration. We suggest, the most appropriate 360 survey, create the timeline, manage rater lists, send out reminders, and generate the reports so you can focus on what is important; creating personal development and change.

2. Accountability Increases: Managers can critically examine their leadership behaviour through the lens of the leadership framework of the 360 survey, build clarity and personal accountability for development areas that matter.

3. Dialogue is Promoted: A skilful empathetic coach will help to illuminate blind spots, facilitate a high-quality dialogue and gently move the manager to a place of clarity, insight and commitment to action.

4. Strengths are Revealed: A 360-survey report will not only reveal development opportunities but illuminate where a manager is performing well and so is cause for celebration and reinforcement.

5. Multiple Stakeholder Feedback: Performance feedback is often one-sided e.g. a manager giving feedback to a direct report. By including others i.e. peers, direct reports and manager once removed, another touchpoint of reciprocal support for a manager’s growth is created.

6. Transition to Leadership is Supported: High performing functional contributors are often promoted to management with direct reports. However, managing teams require different skills sets. Some make the transition effortlessly. Many struggle. 360 survey participants can clearly see themes develop in their feedback to inform leadership development plans that offer line of sight to leadership mastery.

7. Efficiency: A 360-survey administered electronically is efficient. An depth and breadth of data can be acquired in a short time from a large number of stakeholders. When combined with ongoing coaching the speed with which the case conceptualisation occurs is faster meaning
the relationship and impact may occur sooner.

8. Leadership Programs can be Measured: The 360-survey can become a central feature of a leadership program. Participants develop insight and create a growth strategy at program entry. Then because they plan and execute a growth strategy through the program, participants look forward to the program exit 360-survey. This is when comparisons can be made and improvements celebrated.

What’s involved?

Survey Administration: We make the 360 degree feedback process safe and easy to administer. We will guide you along the way. We will help show you the benefits of 360 degree feedback and handle the logistics of survey administration. We suggest, or develop, the survey, create the timeline,
manage rater lists, send out reminders, and generate the reports so you can focus on what is important; creating personal development and change.

Debriefing: People are sometimes surprised by feedback they receive on their 360 survey. It can be an emotional process. We may miss the overall message being sent by the feedback. It is critical for the participant to talk through the results with their manager or a coach to create a personal action
plan. Crystallize Consulting provides expert executive and leadership coaching. 360-degree feedback creates self-awareness; coaching helps participants use this new information to change.

Survey Types
Our preferred 360 degree survey solutions include The Leadership Circle, Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, Hogan 360, Life Styles Inventory and DecisionWise 360. In addition we are accredited in, have high familiarity and expertience with Genos EI, Lominger Leadership Architect Suite, MBTI, PsyCap, Realise2 Strengths Indicator.

One on One Coaching
A stand-alone debrief may not be enough to ensure the manager accommodates and acts upon the feedback in ways that they would like to. Some people may benefit from ongoing coaching. An ongoing Executive and Leadership Coaching relationship will ensure that sufficient time and support is invested will placing the results in the organisational context, and developmental goals prioritorised. The over-arching goal of individual coaching is to support the development of the individual to the point at which change has occurred or goal striving is self – sustaining. The duration of executive coaching is therefore specific to the individual coachee and is determined on a case by case basis.

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