360 Degree Survey

360 Degree Survey

360 Degree Leadership Surveys

360 Degree Leadership Surveys are a  safe and confidential way to provide and receive feedback to create self-awareness.

Feedback encompasses both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ news. Yet often the word “feedback” is associated with negative news. Despite the fact that the person providing feeback wants to compliment. A pre – existing bias towards whats’s ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ means that it’s often tough to give and receive constructive feedback.

With  well executed 360 degree leadership surveys we can make the process safer and easier. Our consultants  guide you along the way handling  the logistics of survey administration. We consult with you to determine if an “off the shelf” survey or a part customisable solution suits your needs best. We will then create the timeline, administer the survey and generate the reports. All  so you can focus on getting on with your role.

Survey Types

We provide 360 degree survey solutions such as The Leadership Circle, Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, Hogan 360, Life Styles Inventory and DecisionWise 360.

One on One Coaching on the Results

It doesn’t matter what 360 Feedback solution is chosen, many people may be surprised by feedback they receive. It can be a highly emotional process as “blind spots” may be revealed. In the face of this, there’s potential for the the overall messages being sent by the feedback to be overlooked. That’s why we recommend an expert debrief and coaching session as the most important part of the process. In the debrief results are placed into context, insight developed and a personal action plan and strategy for growth. 360 degree feedback creates self-awareness; coaching helps participants use this new information to change and strive to reach their potential.

Leaders need Feedback….the surveys we use

Click on the links here to gather further information or download a brochure for any of the tools our consultants are accredited in and experienced in deploying with clients:  The Leadership Circle , Life Styles InventoryGenos EILominger Leadership Architect SuiteMBTIPsyCapRealise2 Strengths Indicator and the DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence 360 Survey.



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