Culture Surveys

Culture Surveys

Culture Surveys

Organisational Culture Surveys measures the current organisational climate and how aligned employees are with your culture. The Culture Survey is completely customisable to the needs of every organisation. The Culture Survey includes questions that measure various cultural attributes that help employees decide how they perform their work:

  1. Respect / Fairness
  2. Responsibility / Accountability
  3. Results Orientation
  4. Teamwork
  5. Meaning / Purpose
  6. Communication
  7. Goals / Strategy
  8. Leanring Opportunities
  9. Trust / Integrity
  10. Employee Engagement

Results are made available via the Leadership Intelligence System (LIS) a powerful on line tool that enables you to undertake in depth analysis across a organisational demographics and organisational structures e.g. departments, teams, functions.

As we provide a full service offer we provide the following service:

Culture survey set up and Customisation: 
  • We will adjust the standard culture survey by changing any words if required to marry up with your organisational culture e.g. “supervisor” to “manager”.
  • Hierarchy Management: We’ll provide access to a hierarchy management tool for end users to upload employee information and create an organization structure. We can increase the number of organisation structure levels from the standard 5 to a higher level if required. Both changes are would be without any increase in the already quoted fee for this project.
Culture Survey administration
  • Development and rollout of communication plan
  • Provide suggested communication templates
  • Online (N=+300) survey administration in English including two open-ended questions, data capture, validation, and storage.
  • Tracking and follow up communications to laggards / slow responders to encourage and facilitate strong survey response rate
  • Employee demographic confidentiality tied to response to ensure accurate reporting
Online Reporting Tool

Online reporting tool i.e. The Leadership Intelligence System (LIS) with data filters that are customized to L&O technologies

Online reporting including the following options:

  • Analyst Logins (access) x 5
  • Manager Reports (PDF) and Excel (xls)
  • Demographic Categories
  • Ranking, demographics, comments, survey items, details, participation and summary tabs
  • 12 months / 1 Year Access
  • Webinar training sessions with key stakeholders on how to use the online tool
Culture Analysis Report
  • Analysis of the survey data and development of survey report
Debrief Session
  • To debrief the results, discuss insights, recommendations and formulate action plans

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