Employee Engagement
MAGIC® Training

Who is this for?

Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® training is for:
• Managers who lead teams in any functional area of the business
• Employees without management responsibility
• People & Culture / Human Resources and Organisational Development managers


Engagement is a 50-50 proposition—a two-way street. Yes, the organisation is responsible for creating an environment where engagement can flourish, but the employee has an equal responsibility to CHOOSE to be engaged. Moreover, employee engagement is more than a feeling. It’s an action, and it’s something that can be taught and learned. With the DecisionWise ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training, participants will be given the tools and resources and develop skills needed to drive employee engagement at an individual and team level.

What’s involved?

The Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training is an interactive workshop designed to increase engagement by helping participants understand where they find passion, meaning, and drive and apply it to their jobs. The results from the Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® self-assessment are provided during the session and are used to help create a personal engagement action plan. Learning activities, games, and videos help you internalize each concept while allowing time to discuss and debate ideas in small groups. Finally, you are provided practical ideas and activities to use with your own employees to boost engagement including how to conduct a one-on-one engagement interview. Participants will leave the workshop inspired, engaged, and anxious to share what you have learned with your team.

Delivery Options

ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® training is offered in a variety of customisable formats:
• Open-enrolment course 1 Day interactive workshop
• In House 1 Day interactive workshop
We are licensed certified trainers for the Engagement MAGIC training and accreditation program.

MAGIC is a registered trademark of Decision Wise LLC.

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