Employee Value
Proposition Surveys

What is an Employee Value Proposition Survey?

Your Employee Value Proposition is the collection of benefits an employee receives from an organisation in exchange for the employee’s work.

The DecisionWise Employee Value Proposition survey is a customized tool that measures the importance of tangible and intangible benefits offered by the company to its employees. The survey is developed with information gathered through focus groups conducted by a senior consultant with employees in your organisation.

How Can an Employee Value Proposition Survey Help Your Organisation?

The Employee Value Proposition survey addresses four key questions:
1. What does it take to ATTRACT the right people?
2. What does it take to RETAIN these people?
3. What does it take to MOTIVATE and ENGAGE your people?
4. What is your COMPANY’S BRAND?

Employee Value Proposition Includes:

• Demographic profile of your workforce
• Formal benefits
• Company culture, vision, mission, values
• Employee engagement
Based on the results from an employee value proposition survey, organisations can predict what
different groups of employees want to remain with the company and engage in their work.

Results from an Employee Value Proposition Survey

An employee value proposition survey is used to create a segmentation report that shows profiles of
different employee types based on demographics, interests, and career goals.

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Understand how to attract, retain, and engage your workforce.

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