Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Our Approach to Executive Coaching:

We partner with C-Suite executives, directors and senior leaders to build confidential, trusting executive coaching relationships.

A reflective space is created where executives are listened to deeply. Our clients are helped  to develop insight, create and execute strategy. To achieve meaningful career and personal goals as a consequence great satisfaction in work and life.

Our Executive Coaching Process:

At a high level, our executive coaching process takes place across key collaborative phases:

  1. Chemistry Meeting: A fruitful leadership coaching partnership is critical. So the purpose is to meet so that we can confirm if there’s a solid foundation for this.
  2. Planning: Identify the needs of the leader through preliminary data gathering from executive, sponsor and other stakeholders.
  3. Design: Our executive clients receive a proposed coaching solution that is explicitly tailored to them and includes KRA’s and ROI targets.
  4. Leadership Assessment: We may utilise a 360 feedback process to gather data,
  5. Perspective Taking Capacity: A leader who continues to use familiar ways of making sense of things in a VUCA working world https://hbr.org/2014/01/what-vuca-really-means-for-you often finds this inadequate. So we work to build adoption of broader and alternative perspective and our executive coaching clients leadership evolves.
  6. Insight Development: Once executives become adept at holding existing perspectives lightly and examining  alternative perspectives, we support them to maintain a reflective mindset. Consequently, this enables insight to occur, the development of strategy to achieve meaningful goals and satisfaction in work and life .
  7. Experimentation: Growth rarely occurs without leaving a familiar comfort zone. Experimentation both in coaching sessions and at work with new thoughts, behaviours and actions will lead to growth.
  8. Positive reinforcement:  Coachee, Sponsot and coach meet for 3 way ‘triad’ sessions open the opportunity for positive new behaviours to be noticed, reinforced and celebrated thereby helping to embed the adaptive change that has occurred.
  9. ROI: Finally we revisit co – created KRA’s and assess the ROI.

Click READ MORE below to see a CASE STUDY detailing the positive impactfrom a leadership coaching seriesin the finance and banking sector.



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