Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is an important and valuable tool to equip leaders to succeed. It provides a space of complete trust to foster personal growth, development and experimentation. A large body of research is developing supporting the effectiveness of leadership coaching.

Why high performers get promoted:

High performing staff often get promoted to management roles because they are brilliant and have achieved outstanding results.  Sometimes high performing staff possess natural leadership ability which is a positive. Their new role requires them to be  a leader of teams. A leader who can inspire, motivate and engage a team to achieve ongoing success.

Why High Performers Fail:

High performers do not often understand or appreciate what it takes to step into a management role and deliver ongoing success. They may have never been fortunate enough to be have great leadership role models to base their leadership upon. Frustration and disappointment follows their failure to perform at previously high levels.

Middle managers are key to organisational performance and success because they are responsible for the leadership of the largest numbers of employees in an organisation.

The Solution:

For new or experienced  middle managers we specialise in providing  1 on 1 leadership coaching programs so that they achieve higher performance faster. For groups we incorporate 360 degree leadership surveys, workshop series and 1 on 1 leadership coaching.

The Process:

At a high level, our leadership coaching process takes place across key collaborative phases:

  1. Chemistry Meeting: A fruitful leadership coaching partnership is critical so the purpose is to meet so that we can confirm if there’s a solid foundation for this
  2. Planning: Gather preliminary data gathering from coachee, their line manager and other stakeholders so we can identify the specific needs of the coachee manager
  3. Design: A coaching solution explicitly tailored to our leadership coaching client including creation of KRA’s and ROI targets is proposed.
  4. Leadership Assessment: We may utilise a 360 feedback process to gather data. This helps to get the coaching relationship up to speed faster.
  5. Perspective Taking Capacity:  A manager whose mindset is that they are more technically knowledgeable than their team members will fail. To be successful bigger perspectives of who they are and what role they need to perform, is needed. We work to build adoption of broader and alternative perspectives so adaptation take place and our leadership coaching client evolves.
  6. Insight Development: Once managers become adept at holding existing perspectives lightly and examining  alternative perspectives, we support them to maintain a reflective mindset. This enables insight to occur, the development of strategy to achieve meaningful goals and satisfaction in work and life .
  7. Experimentation: Growth rarely occurs without leaving a familiar comfort zone. Experimentation both in coaching sessions and at work with new thoughts, behaviours and actions will lead to growth.
  8. Positive reinforcement:  3 way ‘triad’ sessions open the opportunity for positive new behaviours to be noticed, reinforced and celebrated thereby helping to embed the adaptive change that has occurred.
  9. ROI: Revisit co – created KRA’s and assess the ROI.

Click READ MORE below to see a CASE STUDY detailing the positive impactfrom a leadership coaching seriesin the finance and banking sector.


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