Leadership Training
and Talent Development

Who is this for?

We deliver leadership development training for:
• Middle managers who are new to the role
• Middle managers who have been in the role for some time
• High Potentials / Rising Talent


Leadership affects organisational performance
There’s no doubt Leadership affects organisational performance. Leaders, through their influence upon people and resources, facilitate levels of motivation and performance to achieve their leadership potential. By developing and optimising individual leadership in an interconnected system, leaders inspire, motivate, and engage people to commit and offer discretionary effort. Thereby enhancing the collective leadership and business performance over time.

Leaders can be made
Leadership development is to a small extent determined by one’s personality, intellect, and emotional intelligence. Personality and intelligence are to some degree but not all genetically transferred from one generation to the next. Yet it is widely accepted that most evidence on personality predispositions indicate that about 50% of the similarity in personalities with identical twins is attributable to heritability, while 50% is not. We can conclude that we have at least 50% to work with in terms of developing an existing or new manager or high potential to a great leader!

Leadership Interventions Work
Avolio, Reichard, Hannah, Walumbwa, and Chan (2009) concluded, based on an extensive metaanalysis of 100-years of research that leadership interventions have a 66% chance of positive outcomes across a broad array of interventions, organisation types, leadership levels, theories, levels of quality of research and outcomes compared to only a 34% chance of success for comparison groups.

What’s involved?

• Foundation knowledge of your leadership current leadership and behavioral style and your leadership potential utilising valid and reliable 360-degree surveys such as TLC, LSI or and selfreport instruments such as the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series.

• Exemplary, well researched evidenced based leadership frameworks to base your leadership development goals upon

• Interactive, hands-on group laboratories to learn and apply foundation knowledge with small groups of other managers at a similar stage of their leadership journey

• One on one leadership coaching where we will adopt our evidence-based leadership and executive coaching approach (100% customised solution for each participant, Deep listening, Measure what’s important, translate leading theory into innovative and pragmatic solutions that optimise performance)

Delivery options

Leadership Development Programs are offered in a variety of customisable formats that meet the need of any organisation or team:
• Open-enrolment course incorporating
• In House training
Whether you choose open enrolment of in house we adopt a 70:20:10 methodology; 70: Experiential Learning in Real Work Situations; 20: Formal Learning, i.e. activity-based laboratories (workshops) and 10: One on one Coaching;

Whilst there was much to be gained from the group sessions and understanding that everyone approaches things differently, it was more through the one on one coaching that I felt the greatest benefit – it is not often that you turn the spotlight on yourself and really explore what drives you and what you are aspiring to achieve; the one on one sessions allowed this close examination of the steps that would necessarily be needed to be taken in order to reach the summit of your ambitions.
 Matthew Jones – Management Accountant – Pendal Group (Ex. BT Investment Management)

The leadership workshop proved to be an insightful and exciting session for participants, which effectively challenged the participants self-views on leadership styles and practices and crucially enabled them to create personalised action plans for future growth and development.
Michael Burgess – Learning & Development Manager – Hilton Hotels

The Leadership Development workshop provided a well-structured path for me to focus on personal development and team leadership. Tim’s energetic, positive and constructive approach provided a smooth platform, accompanied by a well-designed program. Tim provided immense one on one support, which enabled me to analyse a number of behaviours and habits, as well as providing valuable insight and solutions. I highly recommend this Series for both personal and work development.
Ash Falzon – Portfolio Analytics Director – Pendal Group (Ex. BT Investment Management)

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