Manager as Coach
360-degree survey

Who is this for?

Anyone participating in our manager as coach training .

Any manager at any level who would like to understand how closely their coaching capability compares with the perception their line manager, peers and direct reports holds of them.


Coaching is a core capability underpinning leadership effectiveness. Being an effective manager who possesses strong coaching skills is paramount to becoming an effective leader. An effective leader who is able to motivate their team members through purposeful coaching can facilitate higher employee engagement, greater discretionary effort and higher performance. If there’s knowledge and awareness of coaching capability then there’s you can create focused development plans to improve coaching capability.

What’s involved?

Survey Administration: We make the 360 degree feedback process safe and easy to administer. We will guide you along the way. We will help show you the benefits of 360 degree feedback and handle the logistics of survey administration. We suggest, or develop, the survey, create the timeline, manage rater lists, send out reminders, and generate the reports so you can focus on what is important; creating personal development and change.

Debriefing: People are sometimes surprised by feedback they receive on their 360 survey. It can be an emotional process. We may miss the overall message being sent by the feedback. It is critical for the participant to talk through the results with their manager or a coach to create a personal action plan. Crystallize Consulting provides expert executive and leadership coaching. 360-degree feedback creates self-awareness; coaching helps participants use this new information to change.

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