Manager as Coach

Manager as Coach

Manager as Coach is a Core Capability

Being a competent Manager as Coach is a core capability that will improve leadership effectiveness. Being an effective manager as coach who possesses strong coaching skills is paramount to becoming an effective leader. An effective leader who is able to motivate and engage their people through coaching can deliver higher performance.

The Manager as Coach – Coaching Lab

The Manager as Coach Coaching Lab can support leaders at any stage of their leadership journey – whether they have led a team for decades or are new to leading. In our program, we have a Growth mindset. We focus on a Manager as Coach coaching model. We  encourage participants to reflect on what they are doing well, so they will as a result do more on purpose, as well as elements they can build to strengthen their coaching capability. They may not be competent in the whole model just yet. However with practice we encourage learning and engagement in the Manager as Coach program to build confidence and capability.

Seasoned Leaders

For seasoned leaders, providing a framework to clarify their strengths and help “sharpen their saw” can build on their leadership experience and knowledge, and ensure they are being the best coach they can be.

New Leaders

New leaders are often promoted to a management role on the basis of technical skillset, high performance and potential. The Coaching Lab can support their leadership journey by introducing the coaching approach early to help build capability. We want to set them up for success and also avoid the risk of career derailment which can come if they don’t evolve from a strong individual contributor.

Effective Leaders

Effective leaders think, feel and behave differently. They are required to recognise that they will be successful as a manager of people when they recognise that by creating the conditions that will enable the team to flourish, they too will flourish. In turn engagement, discretionary effort and performance follows.

Manager as Coach Program Options

Here’s a snapshot of the suite of Manager as Coach program options on offer to client organisations. Should the suite of “off the shelf solutions” here not meet your needs entirely we are of course open to designing a program to suits the requirements of your organisation.

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