Our Philosophy


Quality Relationships determine the quality of our client relationships that in turn determines the quality of the overarching service being provided. This means that we listen deeply to what our clients think and feel and want to tell us. It also means that we listen to the extent that we understand what is not being said as well, which is central to creating meaning and context.

Scientific Rigour

All of our approaches are informed by validated scientific theory along with Post Graduate Evidence Based Coaching qualifications across our team. We stand out as this evidence base provides the inspiration and robustness for our consultancy and coaching programs. Furthermore, we are committed to measuring what’s important in all of our interventions, evaluating ROI throughout.


All of our approaches are bespoke which means that none are a one size fits all. We systematically and methodically assess the unique characteristics of the system within which our clients exist and develop customised solutions that meet our client exactly where they are at and take them to where they want to be.


We practice what we preach. We strive to be exemplars for the evidence base from which our consultancy is founded. This means that we translate scientific theory into real world practice in our own organisation as well. Furthermore, our team demonstrates a commitment to professional supervision and ongoing professional development, thus maintaining the capacity to continually offer a leading professional service to all clients.

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