Pre-Employment Testing –
Assessment and Selection

Candidate assessment and insight solutions providing deep people insights that will ensure you’re making well-informed recruitment decisions.

Who is this for?

Tests may be used for selection, (either for shortlisting or final decisions), placement or promotion decisions, development, team building, counselling, out-placement and organisational development. Tests are best used in decision making, in conjunction with other relevant information. In a candidate
selection decision, test results should be, if best practice is respected, integrated with interview performance, track record and managers’ recommendations to provide the best information about individual suitability.

Why Test?

We know about the benefits of hiring the right people for the job however the best match is not always immediately obvious. Pre-employment testing will give you greater confidence that you are making the right employee selection decision.

Test Choice

Whenever tests are used, it is vital that there is a match between the skills and characteristics measured and the job or organisational demands. This is particularly important when selection or promotion decisions are based on test results. We listen deeply to our clients, evaluate the situation
and determine whether test use is appropriate to help achieve the desired objectives and if so what tests are most appropriate.

Diversity and Inclusion

Research has shown that well-constructed psychometric tests are the single most effective predictor of job performance. Tests give objective information about a candidate and have been shown in general to lead to less bias in the recruitment process and more effective employment decisions.

Confidentiality and storage of results.

Test results, like all personal information, should be stored with due regard to confidentiality. Access should be restricted to those with a need to know and in accordance with what has been agreed with the respondent during administration and feedback.

Psychological Assessment services include:

• Assessment Centres
• Development Centres
• Behavioural Interviewing
• Ability Testing (verbal, numerical, abstract, mechanical, spatial, error checking)
• Personality Profiling/work styles assessment and motivation


We partner with reputable test publishers and distributors to ensure that your assessments are tailored to your needs. Our preferred suppliers are:
• Saville & Holdsworth (e.g., cognitive ability tests and Wave)
• SHL (e.g., cognitive ability tests, OPQ)
• Hogan Assessments (i.e. HPI, HDS, MPVI, Hogan 360, HBRI, GMA / Matrigma)
• ACER (e.g., ACER Select, WPI)
• CPP Asia Pacific (e.g., Fundamental Interpersonal Orientation (FIRO-B).
• Pearson Talent Lens
• Rogers Group (e.g. Genos EI)

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