Resilience Training / Mental Toughness Training – Resilient Organisations

Who is this for?

Resilience training is for:
All employees in organisation that may currently be or anticipating adversity that will impact upon the well – being of employees.


The business environment is changing, unpredictable and complex. Employees are exposed to situations such as mergers, acquisitions, changes in government policies and regulations, restructuring, lay-offs, redundancies, along with rapidly advancing technology that may impact resilience and performance.

The growing performance expectations of the current business environment cannot be met with average performance. Organisations require employees who are resilient and can succeed and grow in the face of difficulty, uncertainty and constant change. Resilience as a personal resource is considered pliable and open to development and resilience can be developed through intervention strategies.

What’s involved?

• Foundation knowledge of your current resilience utilising valid and reliable self-report or 360- degree resilience instruments.

• Learn and integrate widely accepted researched evidenced based resilience development techniques and skills.

• Interactive, hands-on group workshops to learn and apply foundation knowledge with small groups of other managers at a similar stage of their leadership journey.

• Optional one on one resilient leadership coaching where we will adopt our evidence-based leadership and executive coaching approach (100% customised solution for each participant, deep listening, measuring what’s important, translate leading theory into innovative and pragmatic solutions that optimise performance)

Delivery Options

Resilient Leadership Development Programs are offered in a variety of customisable formats that meet the need of any organisation or team:
• Open-enrolment course incorporating
• In House training

Whether you choose open enrolment of in house we adopt a 70:20:10 methodology; 70: Experiential Learning in Real Work Situations; 20: Formal Learning, i.e. activity-based laboratories (workshops) and 10: One on one Coaching;

What participants have experienced

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the program. It has provided a unique experience to assess how I am performing now and provided a sensible framework to work with”
Granite resilience program participant – Sydney Trains

“I like the overall components of the program…The intent of looking and learning how to do things different, so I can be a better me, and how that benefits everyone around me”
Granite resilience program participant – Sydney Trains

“The course provides a sensible and pragmatic approach to gaining balance in your professional role. It has interesting and relevant content that gets you thinking”
Granite resilience program participant – Sydney Trains

“The resilience program Crystallize delivered was excellent and with the approach they have taken I am confident that the team have now learnt a several techniques that will help them to remain buoyant in the tough times ahead”
John Broome – Marketing Director – Goodman Fielder

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