Resilience Training

Resilience Training

Resilience Training

Our resilience training program is designed to build the capacity of people in organisations to experience growth in the face of adversity in work and life.

The Resilience Training Menu

We offer a range of Resilience Training options that include any one or more of the following to suit organisational goals:

  1. Intensive once off half or one day workshops for small to medium size groups,
  2. Staggered half day seminar series to deeply explore and enhance resilience levels,
  3. Individual resilience assessment using the MTQ48 or the PCQ24 and debriefing,
  4. One on one resilience coaching sessions,
  5. Biometric data integration,
  6. Well being app integration

The Resilience Training Program

Our Granite Resilience Program is the most comprehensive solution as it is an integrated program combining:

  • One on one real time resilient leadership coaching,
  • Engaging resilient leadership workshops,
  • Biometric data tracking,
  • Online coaching support,
  • Well being app subscription

Granite Resilience Program participants learn how to use evidence based techniques that  build personal resilience levels. This means that there’s potential for participants to experience personal growth as opposed to decline in the face of adversity in work and life.

Furthermore, the Granite resilience training program provides people who are leaders in work and life with the skills and knowledge to integrate best-practice resilience enhancing theory and techniques with their teams, building leadership capability and increasing organisational performance.

Our Granite program has achieved remarkable success with hundreds of leaders in our client organisations.

Please contact us to receive our Granite brochure or to discuss your specific needs and how we may be able to tailor a solution to support your organisation.

Check out this video to learn more about how we helped a client of ours: 


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