Strengths Based Assessment & Selection

Traditional recruitment approaches rely on heavy resource allocation to review a large number of potential applicants to assess for appropriate skills, knowledge and experience. Strengths-Based Recruitment aligns an individual’s core strengths with those associated with high performance in a role. Our strengths-based recruitment methodologies decrease the total number of potential candidates yet increase the role fit and quality of candidates. Employing the right talent in the right role with improved role fit and engagement, ultimately results in higher performance, retention and improved financial outcomes for business.

Strengths-based recruitment may be used as a primary assessment and selection method for roles requiring low knowledge, skills and experience.

Alternatively, strengths-based recruitment methods may be used as an adjunctive method for senior and executive roles, where knowledge of the role strengths profile and candidate fit, will help inform the recruitment and onboarding process.

Melbourne & Olympic Parks used the Crystallize approach for recruitment of 150 customer service staff for the Australian Open Grand Slam of Tennis in 2014 and 2015.

We’ve also supported Otis and Chubb in the assessment and selection of apprentice electricians and security monitoring centre staff.

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