Executive Coaching

Our Approach:

We deliver executive coaching solutions through working together with C-Suite, executives, directors and senior leaders in organisations.

We build confidential, trusting relationships by creating a reflective space, where clients often feel listened to at deeper levels than previously experienced. We help our clients to develop personal insight, to develop and execute strategy to achieve meaningful career and personal goals and satisfaction in work and life.

We understand that an optimum combination of qualities in an executive coach will offer the greatest potential for real impact and a ROI for executive coaching of talented leaders in pivotal organisational roles and so all our executive coaches hold:

  • A deep grounding in the behavioural sciences drawing upon a robust scientific evidence base, gained through formal academic qualifications and ongoing professional development,
  • Corporate pedigrees that includes practical senior leadership role experiences in publicly listed ASX 200 and multinational companies,
  • A track record of success bred from extensive coaching experience in the public and private sectors in a broad range of professions delivering tangible results, and,
  • Professional supervision ensuring ongoing professional development.

Our Process:

Coaching in organisations is successful when we work collaboratively.  At a high level, executive coaching takes place broadly across a number of key collaborative phases:

  1. Planning: where we identify the specific needs of the individual leader through preliminary data gathering from client and sponsor. Importantly  we also consider what success looks like and co – create tangible goals to measure ROI,
  2. Design: where we propose a coaching solution explicitly tailored to our client, based upon the preliminary planning phase,
  3. Leadership Assessment: we may utilise a 360 feedback process to gather data from a broad group of significant others using a face to face interview process or internet based leadership assessment surveys,
  4. Perspective Taking Capacity Enhancement: In a new organisational world full of complexity, adaptive change and the adoption of broader or alternative perspectives is more critical than ever if individuals, teams and organisations are to flourish and perform. Technical solutions to existing challenges are seductive as they require no bigger perspective taking capacity than one holds right now, yet without adaptive change and an enhanced capacity to take perspective old challenges will emerge.
  5. Insight Development: Once our client becomes adept at holding their own existing existing perspective more lightly and examining  other broader or alternative perspectives, we will support them in building their capacity to maintain a reflective mindset. This provides the opportunity for insight to occur and for the client to then develop and execute strategy to achieve meaningful career and personal goals and satisfaction in work and life.
  6. Experimentation: Growth rarely occurs without leaving a familiar comfort zone and so this phase requires both client experimentation executive coach support and new thoughts, behaviours and actions are experimented with.
  7. Positive reinforcement: At this stage we are interested with engaging with our client and sponsor in 3 way sessions to validate the consecutive change that has taken place and use this as an opportunity to provide positive reinforcement thus helping to embed the adaptive change that has occurred.
  8. ROI: We are concerned with ascertaining the extent to which coaching has “worked” and as such we will revisit co – created key result areas and assess the ROI.

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