Leadership Coaching

Optimal mix of 360 surveys, group workshops and 1 on 1 coaching to achieve optimal results!

High performers are often promoted to middle management roles because of their technical brilliance but not their leadership capability. Sometimes the technically brilliant contributor possesses an innate leadership ability to set the vision, inspire, motivate and engage their team with ongoing outstanding results.

Yet more often than not the technically brilliant functional contributor finds themselves floundering in the new world environment where the fundamental requirements of their role has changed, where people resources are scarce and where business growth expectations continue to grow year on year.

The failure to perform at previous high levels often leads to frustration and dissapointment from the perspective of the newly appointed manager, the team they lead and those who place their faith in the decision to appoint them to the management tole.

Middle managers are a critical lynch pin to employee engagement, organisational engagement and so levels of productivity, creativity, accountability and discretionary effort. So why should they miss out on the opportunity to be supported in a leadership training and or leadership coaching program designed specifically for them to achieve vastly improved leadership ability?

We specialise in providing extremely cost effective leadership training and leadership coaching programs for large groups of up to fifty (50) middle managers in organisations. These programs have incorporated 360 degree surveys, a workshop program as well as 1 on 1 leadership coaching. We have a track record of success in doing so across a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors including BTIM, Sydney Trains, Melbourne & Olympic Park.

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