Employee Value Proposition

What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

An EVP is the collection of benefits an employee receives from an organization in exchange for the employee’s work. It is what the organization gives the employee in exchange for their performance and productivity. It is broader than pay and benefits. It incorporates every aspect of the employment experience from an organization’s mission, purpose and values, to its job, culture, people and of course, career and development opportunities. An EVP answers these questions:

  • What does it take to attract the right people?
  • What does it take to motivate your people?
  • What does it take to retain these people?
  • What is your company’s brand?


What is your organization’s Employee Value Proposition?

By utilising the powerful software provided by our survey partner DecisionWise, we can help you to define your overall EVP and create specific employee profiles based on similar preferences and demographics. We typically begin by conducting focus groups with your employees to understand what attracts, engages, and retains employees at the organisation. The key output is a comprehensive list of formal and informal benefits that are important to employees. We then conduct an organisational wide survey with the goal to rank-order these benefits and produce employee profiles.

Download a sample survey by clicking on the link here:

Employee Segmentation Study

The DecisionWise employee segmentation study creates profiles of employees based on their benefits preferences and demographics. This comprehensive report shows why each group of employee was attracted to the organization, stays with the company, and engages in their work.

View a sample report by clicking on the link here:

Leveraging your Employee Value Proposition

Now that you understand your company’s EVP for your employees, how do you leverage it to attract, retain, and engage the best talent? A dedicated Crystallize Consulting consultant helps you to implement strategies and actions to use your EVP as a competitive advantage. We help you to improve your hiring process, communicate your total benefits package more effectively, and develop engagement programs that boost performance.

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