Manager as Coach

High performing employees are regulalry promoted to their first management role purely on the basis of their technical skills and their track record of success in delivering against organisational KPI’s. Middle management roles more often than not have a team of functional contributors reporting to into them. However the role of manager is vastly different to the role of functional contributor.

The be effective, the new manager must now think, feel and behave differently. They are now called upon to be a leader as well. A leader that is selfless, creates and communicates a compelling vision, inspires, motivates, and adopts a coaching mindset so that they may create a new dialogue that is much higher quality. A high quality dialogue that results in a higher quality relationship that results in a more committed, engaged team that offers greater discretionary effort and results. The problem is that very few people possess an inherent leadership capability. Further they have not benefited from amazing leadership role models.

This is where the Manager as Coach program helps middle managers. The manager as coach program introduces evidenced based coaching frameworks and models, build clarity and insight into building presence, questioning, listening and connecting at deeper levels and offers ample opportunity to practice in a supportive setting. Beyond a face to face 1 – 2 day workshop, peer to peer coaching assignments,  we also offer 1 on 1 coaching support for a suitable duration to ensure optimal results.

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